Hottest Canadian Female Sportscasters List and Opinion Poll

Well guys, it’s been about six months since my initial post on the Hottest Female Sportscasters, yet it continues to be one of the most frequently visited pages on the site. So I’ve taken all your suggestions into account and created a different kind of list. I’ve created the Top 10 Hottest Canadian Female Sportscasters. I’ve also added a poll at the bottom of the page, so you guys can vote on who you think is the hottest. Pictures have been included of course So here’s the updated list:

10Holly Horton

Horton, who broadcasts for TSN,
just beats out Patricia Boal for the final spot on this coveted list.
Nothing stands out about her but she is a good reason to stay up until 2am
on the weekend.
9Jody Vance
Vance recently switched from
Sportsnet to Leafs TV. There can only be one reason for this move: her
inability to compete with Martine Gaillard for the title of Hottest
Sportsnet Female. Either that or Mike Toth’s consistently horrific jokes
got to her.
8Christie ChorleyChristie is a relatively new
addition to the Canadian Sports TV landscape. She works for the Score in
Western Canada. She gets bonus points for always staying calm while
looking at Tim Micallef’s ugly mug.
7Sara OrleskySara’s a beauty from the great
town of Winnipeg, who actually went to high school with Todd McCullough.
The only reason she’s not higher on the list is her love of the Green Bay
6Jennifer HedgerJen is a fixture on any hottest
sportscaster list. Her fantastic ability to guide hapless misfits like Bob
McKenzie, Glenn Healy and Dutchie Dutchyshen through numerous sportscasts
makes her not only a babe, but also an excellent anchor.
5Caroline FrolicCaroline is another fixture on
most hottest sportscaster lists although she was omitted from my initial
list. I regret the error. She works for The Score and can hold her own
with Sansone, Micallef and the dreaded “Cabbie” any day.
4Kathryn HumphreysKathryn is someone who I just saw
recently and she really grabbed my eye. Apparently she’s been doing the
sports for CityTV for quite some time, and frankly, its amazing one of the
big three sports networks hasn’t snatched her up.
3Martine GaillardFinally we arrive at the saint of
Canadian sports broadcasting, Ms. Martine Gaillard. Not only does this
bombshell put up with Mike Toth’s antics, but she actually makes him
watchable. That’s like convincing Tim Hardaway and John Amechi to go
fishing together.
2Lianne LaingLianne is another broadzilla I
just found through my research. Apparently she works for A-Channel in
Ottawa and does their sportscasts. And suddenly, I have a strong interest
in the Senators, Gee-Gees and 67’s.
1Deb MatejickaFinally, we arrive at the best of
the best, the creme of the crop: Ms. Deb Matejicka. I inexplicably left
her off my initial Hottest Sportscasters list in what some say is the
greatest blunder in the history of Western Civilization. Never again will
I do that. She anchors the Calgary bureau for The Score and is the sole
reason the Flames made the Finals a few years ago. She lists her interests
as “eating, sleeping, watching sports, more eating”. She may
well be the perfect woman. Deb, I’m sorry for my initial omission and I’d
just like to state that you can interview me at any time.

So who do you guys think is the hottest? Leave your vote below and tell me in the comments what your reasoning is.Who is Canada’s Hottest Female Sportscaster?

  •  Deb Matejicka
  •  Lianne Laing
  •  Martine Gaillard
  •  Kathryn Humphreys
  •  Caroline Frolic
  •  Jennifer Hedger
  •  Sara Orlesky
  •  Christie Chorley
  •  Jody Vance
  •  Holly Horton