Top 20 Sports Movies of All Time

  1. Hoosiers – Jimmy Chitwood is the kid every aspiring basketball player wants to be. This movie has it all, from the glorious ending based on a true story to the town drunk, played brilliantly by Dennis Hopper. Simply a magical picture.
  2. Raging Bull – The best boxing movie ever, hands down. By the end of this flick, I felt like Jake LaMotta had personally beat me up. Fabulous acting by Robert DeNiro and an excellent script make this a classic. The fact that it doesn’t have a feel-good ending makes me enjoy it even more.
  3. Hoop Dreams – Maybe I enjoy this movie more than most, but the fact that it was so real was what really turned me onto it. Arthur Agee and William Gates’s true story stirs a range of emotions. Its a shame both these guys never made it to the NBA.
  4. Rocky IV – The best of all the Rocky movies. I really never thought he had a chance against that Russian. The fact that I never understood one word Sly Stallone said in the entire Rocky series hurts its ranking in my books. Did he really have to be that stupid? They shouldn’t have killed off Apollo Creed either. He held these movies together.
  5. Bull Durham – The best baseball movie ever. People are still quoting this movie today and the images of Nuke LaLoosh and Crash Davis are still engrained in my mind.
  6. The Natural – Only the true baseball fans can really appreciate this one. I’m not usually a huge fan of scenary and cinemotography but this movie does those both so well that I notice it. Robert Redford is absolutely brilliant also.
  7. Million Dollar Baby – Maybe I just have a thing for boxing movies but I thought this movie was fantastic. You can never go wrong with Morgan Freeman. Hilary Swank gave an awesome performance and looked uglier than sin doing it. The best sports movie made lately, thats for sure.
  8. Caddyshack – No plot whatsoever but a great quote movie. Bill Murray’s hunt of that stupid gopher is still talked about to this day.
  9. When We Were Kings – An awesome documentary of the Ali-Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” fight of the 1970s. It took 20 years to finally be released but it was well worth the wait. Outstanding indepth, behind the scenes profiles of both fighters.
  10. Jerry Maguire – Even with the sappy love story, its still a great flick. Cuba Gooding Jr.’s endzone dances alone would warrant this movie a spot on this list. Tom Cruise is magnificent and Renee Zellweger ain’t to shabby either. And then there’s Cuba, who gives a career-making performance and delivers a career-defining line that no one will ever forget.
  11. Rudy – A decent overall movie with a final scene that every athlete dreams of. I still think the star of this movie is the groundskeeper however.
  12. A League of Their Own – Tom Hanks as a drunk is worth the price of admission alone. The story itself is a fascinating one and Madonna being scandalous adds to the allure of the movie. The only bad part is the constant presence of Rosie O’Donnell. No movie can make up for that atrocity.
  13. Slapshot – This will surely be higher on most Canadian fans lists but not mine. The slapstick is enjoyable and its easily the best hockey movie ever, but thats not saying much. The sequel hurts the lasting legacy of this film as well as the Hanson brothers’ idiotic publicity stunts throughout the years.
  14. White Men Can’t Jump – Wesley Snipes was robbed of an Oscar in this one. Just having to deal with Rosie Perez AND Woody Harrelson should have been reason alone to give this man a Lifetime Achievement Award. Regardless, Wesley carrying Woody to playground victories will forever hurt the white man’s chances to be productive on the basketball court.
  15. Brian’s Song – The sad story of Brian Piccolo is portrayed brilliantly in the original version of this film. The remake was awful and should be banned from all cinemas.
  16. Remember The Titans – Denzel Washington gives a great performance in this film about racism. More swearing would have added to the atmosphere of the picture however.
  17. Tin Cup – I have a soft spot for this movie. Kevin Costner should have won that damn tournament. He was Van De Velde before there was Van De Velde, Mickelson at Winged Foot pales in comparison to him. A legendary collapse.
  18. The Longest Yard – Burt Reynolds leads a unique story of anti-establishment in this epic. The only problem for me is that the fourth quarter deficit is overcome way too fast and unrealisiticly.
  19. Glory Road – This newest gem in the sports genre is the story of the Texas Western basketball team that defeated all-white Kentucky in the 1966 NCAA Tournament. Not only is it probably the most important events in college sports but a pinnacle one in American history as well. The film accurately portrays this.
  20. Major League – Just a hilarious movie which just beats out Hurricane and Seabiscuit on my list. Wesley Snipes again steals the show.

Thoughts on my Top 20? Any ommissions or changes? What about some of the worst sports movies ever? Leave some comments and discuss.